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This is a page of loving pets that have passed away. If you would like to post a pet, tell me about your pet. Please include name, information, age, and species. Email the information to:


Hamster Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep. With all my food stored in a heap. If I get hungry when I wake I'll munch and crunch for goodness sake!
God Bless all my Hammie and Chinnie Friends.
Total Pets that Passed Away:8

Brownie, 1998-2001
We had no picture of Brownie but we have plenty to say. Of course he was brown in color and he died one year before Goldie. Goldie and Brownie had a fight and Brownie ended up with a torn lip. It was a big scar. He had it for the rest of his life. Everyday I still can hear Brownie on his wheel. his body may not be in my house my his soul his. He lives on forever. Brownie didn't die of old age he died in an accicdent. But my dad said to me not to metion it to my brother. Brownie died as a healthy youngster. I wish there was some way I can bring him back. This hammie was loved so deerly.

Keiko the Orca Whale (Willy) Dec. 12,03
On Dec. 12, 2003 Keiko the orca whale, also known to many as Willy has died of acute pnumonia. Over a decade ago Keiko starred in "Free Willy".He also starred in the sequal "Free Willy 2". Keiko was the second oldest male to live in captivity. He lived at the age of 27. He will be missed by millions. Captured as a youngster in Mexico, Keiko has slowly made it into our hearts forever. Its a shame to see him go, but now we can help Keiko's family by donation to conservation efforts to save the orca whales. To help call 1-800-4whales.

Goldie, Sept. 1, 1998-Jan. 4, 2002
 He lived for four years. He was the longest living hamster I ever had. He was also the friendliest. He would let me put him on his back and I would rub his little tummy. I did a science project on him and got in second place. Its hard for me writing about Goldie. I loved him more than anything in the world. I miss him so much. But im glad he died. He was suffering. He was so weak he could only open one eye and wouldn't move out of his house. Plus he was completely blind. Poor Goldie, I did everything to make you feel less pain. Your in a good place now. One day we will meet again, one day.

Jr., 2001-2003
This lovely hammie was Jr. He died on Feb.15,2003. He was the hamster my brother got when Brownie died. He will be loved so dearly. Even though he didnt live as long as Goldie we all still got very attached to him. He was so cute when he waddles on the floor. We will all miss Jr. R.I.P. That morning my brother was playing with him. Then in the night he died. He was old.(hammies only live for about two years)Luckily he died happily in his sleep. We couldn't ask for a better hammie!

Peppy, 2001-August 29, 2003/ Bilbo 2003 
Peppy was bought from a pet store by my cousin Christine. Peppy was about two years. This little gerbil lived around 5-6 years. She had a wonderful life and Christine pampered her like a princess. Theres no doubt that shes in a happy place with all the other animals that passed on. Peppy was a good pet and a mother. She had a healthy and wonderful litter.This gerbil will be loved and missed so dearly. We will never forget her beautiful black coat with a touch of white. Peppy's soul will always be with us. May you live a good life with God and your babies that were killed by careless people. Together they will reunite and become a happy family all over again!  Bilbo was Peppy's son. He died of all age and had a growth. He lived a good life and he was the longest living baby Peppy had.

Chi Chi 1994-11/20/03
 Chi Chi was a female standard grey chicnhilla. She was rescued from a nearby petstore by my friend Tamara. Chi Chi was already five years old. She died at seven. Chi Chi had bad health problems. She couldn't breathe and she died there in Tamara's arms. Chi Chi is real special because she was the first chin to die in ChinchiWonderland. R.I.P.

This little girl was a black teddy bear hamster. She belonged to by cousin and has recently moved to the big hamster wheel in the sky.

Blue Jan.1, 2003 -Jan. 11, 2006

My baby Blue has recently died. He lived a happy life with his brothers and sister. The cause of his death is unknown. I heard screaming from the cage, and then he collapsed right in front of me. He looked at me when he died. My Blue Blue will be missed so much. I want him back so bad. I dont know how he died but I want him back. His family misses him so much. I love you forever Blue and I will NEVER forget you!